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Get Ready To Hit The Road - Truck Rental Tips For DIY Movers

by Bruce Lawson

In today's DIY age, moving house without hired help can be an excellent way to save money. However, unless you're already a seasoned mover, you may be a little lost about how to best plan your move. Rented moving trucks can complicate moving for drivers who do not have previous experience renting or driving them, so if you find yourself in such a position it's important to know the basics about moving trucks.

Planning Stages: Find The Perfect Truck

When booking a truck for your move, your best bet to save money is to book weeks or even months in advance. By booking early at sites like http://www.delstruckrentals.com/, you ensure that the company will have the type of truck you need, and many moving companies will offer a significant discount for advanced booking. If you wait to hire a truck until the last minute, you may not be able to rent one at all. Even if you find one, you'll risk paying a significant markup for an urgent rental.

Deciding what size truck you need can often be done with the help of the moving company. While discussing your needs, you can also take the opportunity to ask about other equipment you may need to rent, such as hand carts or dollies. Equipment that does the lifting for you can be very helpful if you are short of help during your move.

Before you embark on your journey, map out the exact route you plan to take. If the trip will require you to park overnight at a hotel, make sure to locate hotels with available truck parking. Calling in advance for accommodations is another excellent way to save money.

Taking The Journey: Drive Your Truck Safely

Before you even get into the cab of your moving truck, be sure to review all safety materials provided for you by the moving company. It is especially important that you memorize the height of the truck so that you can avoid catastrophe due to overpasses or tunnels being too small for your vehicle. As you drive, remind yourself to keep an eye out for relevant height limit signs. Since most drivers are not accustomed to reading them, you will have to train yourself to pay special attention.

Once you hit the road, accelerate slowly to conserve fuel. Rental trucks tend to get between 10-12 miles per gallon, so costs can really add up if you aren't careful. If your truck begins swaying, fishtailing, wobbling, or if you just feel unsafe, pull over immediately. Even seasoned truck drivers can get into accidents when their truck is impaired, so don't risk driving with a faulty truck.

Don't Lose Anything: Protect Your Items

When you stop briefly to eat or visit a rest area, always park your truck in the shade to prevent your belongings from overheating. Heat can damage sensitive electronics, melt candles all over your other possessions, or even loosen the wood glue in furniture.

If you plan on staying in a hotel overnight, always park your truck within sight of the head office or front desk. Thieves will be deterred from breaking into your truck if they fear being seen. If you cannot park within sight of an office or concierge, then park your truck in a well-lit, well-traveled area. Streetlights and pedestrians can be effective deterrents for thieves also.

Always lock your cab and keep the back of the truck securely padlocked. Even if you are just stepping away for a moment, you could be giving a hijacker all the opportunity they need to seize your belongings.

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be if you plan carefully. Be prepared to accommodate your rental truck throughout your trip, and you'll be setting up the decor in your new living room before you know it.