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7 People You Should Pay To Be At Your Wedding

by Bruce Lawson

When planning a wedding, the bride, the groom, and their parents all contribute to the guest list to ensure that everyone who needs to be invited gets an invitation. There are, however, seven more people you should pay to be at your wedding to make sure that it is a smashing success. 

1. Wedding Planner: Unless you plan on having a smaller-than-average wedding, you will need to hire a wedding planner. Everyone leads crazy busy lives these days. A wedding planner simply keeps it all organized for you, and ensures that you get the best deals. In fact, having the help of a trained professional, who knows all the ins and outs of weddings in your area, is essential. 

2. Videographer: Everyone knows to hire the photographer. It's a given. Paying someone to videotape your wedding, however, is a newer trend. You may hire them as a team, or they may be two completely different vendors. Using both in combination, however, helps capture the vibe of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Who knows? He or she may even nab an award- winning funniest video moment or a viral YouTube hit that will keep everyone laughing for years to come. 

3. Valet: Unless the venue is providing valet service, you will need to coordinate this as well. The Knot suggests having at least four valets for every 100 guests to keep things running smoothly, while other source suggest as many as 12 valets for up to 100 cars. On thing is for certain; you do not want older guests, guests with limited mobility, or even guests in too-tight high heel shoes having to walk too far to attend your affair. You can also take things one step further, and offer to drive guests from their cars to the ceremony site in golf carts. 

4. On Site Security: Paying security personnel from a site like http://www.intellexsecurity.com to attend you event is a good idea as well. In fact, any time you plan on serving hundreds of people alcohol at an emotionally-charged event, like a wedding, it is a good idea to have on site security. You may never need them, but simply knowing that a few large and sober individuals are available to keep the peace, if needed, is reassuring to any bride. 

5. Floral Designer: Moving beyond the simple florist, a floral designer can take your flowers to a whole new level. Remember that huge wall of white flowers for Kim and Kanye's wedding? That was the work of a floral designer who knows not only how to stay on top of the trends, but how to start them. You may want to take a more subtle approach to your wedding, but meet with a floral designer to get their input. 

6. Lighting Designer: Lighting sets the mood at a wedding, You do not want the obnoxiously bright glare of florescent bulbs, but you also do not want things so dark that no one can see their dinner. Lighting designers solve all these problems and create special effects. In fact, they can create a cool light monogram on the dance floor of the bride and groom initials for their first dance. 

7. Belly Dancer: Well, not really a belly dancer, but this seventh person that you should pay to be at your wedding simply represents any person in charge of an extra activity that can put your event over the top. It could be a belly dancer at a Persian or Middle Eastern themed wedding, or it could be the crew running the fireworks show scheduled to go off at the stroke of midnight. 

Plan in advance for all the extra people you should pay to be a part of your special day. Leaving the important details to amateurs is never a good idea. A worse idea, however, would be to try and do everything by yourself. You will be too busy getting married to help. Let the pros do it.