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Never Miss A Call Again: 3 Reasons To Go With Telephone Answering Services

by Bruce Lawson

With only 24 hours in a day, many small business owners have a difficult time managing all of their clients, especially if they have to step out of their offices throughout the day. To provide a higher quality of customer service, many small business owners are opting to go with telephone answering services. A call center will be responsible for answering and either transferring or relaying the content of the calls by messaging you. If you are still on the fence regarding whether telephone answering services are right for you, here are 3 reasons why you should stop hesitating and dive right in.

You Will Never Miss a Sale Again and Provide Higher Customer Care Service 

According to recent studies, 7 out of 10 callers will immediately hang up upon hearing the answering machine. This means that you can easily miss a sale just because you were too busy to pick up the phone. If sales calls are the livelihood of your business, then opting for telephone answering services will be vital to the expansion and growth of your company.

If you are busy and cannot answer the phone, then the call will be automatically redirected to a call center where a professional sales representative will pick up and answer on behalf of your company. The professional will be well versed on the products and services that your business offers, and will answer all inquiries that your customers may have. All content of the calls will be recorded and sent to you via email or text, so you won't be missing out on anything! 

You Can Increase The Productivity of Your Staff and Workplace 

Research shows that phone calls are one of the largest disruptions in the workplace. Most employees experience an average of 96 minutes of distraction each day, and it takes an additional 15 minutes to return to their original tasks after being disrupted. By having the phone calls redirected to a call center responsible for telephone answering services, you will be able to improve the overall productivity of your staff and in your workplace. 

In short, you can expect tasks to be completed within shorter periods of time, and your staff to be able to produce higher quality of work. This can help your business expand and grow in the long run.

You Can Save Money By Not Hiring a Receptionist

Opting for telephone answering services can help you cut down on overall expenses as you won't need to hire a receptionist. While a receptionist receives an hourly wage regardless of whether calls are coming in or not, you will only be paying a single fee for every phone call that is redirected to the call center. Most telephone answering services do not charge a set-up fee, and will provide you with a landline or a 0800 number for free even if you only have a mobile line for your business. 

All in all, you can cut down on numerous expenses, which can be delegated towards other departments that will help your business further grow and expand. In addition, unlike hiring a receptionist, telephone answering services can handle calls throughout the entire day even when the office is closed. All calls will be personally handled by professionals who can ensure that they are providing the best customer care service out there. 


Telephone answering services can improve the quality of the customer care service that is provided, cut down on business expenses, and improve overall productivity. There are many different types of packages that are offered by call centers, and you will be surprised at how most call centers are willing to customize their services to cater to your needs and expectations. Read on for more information.