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Wedding Swatch Party: How Swatch Cards Can Help Pick Out Wedding Colors

by Bruce Lawson

The theme of most weddings is dependent upon the colors that the bride and groom select. While it can be easy to just go with your favorite colors for your wedding, it is a good idea to mull over what will work easily for your wedding. If you are in the very beginning stages of planning your wedding, order some apparel swatch cards in a dozen or more shades that you are interested in. Here are some ways that swatch cards can help you select the perfect wedding shades. 

Easier to match your flowers

Flowers are important parts of most weddings. From the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, the decorations inside of the ceremony, and the centerpieces at most tables, flowers will be a major decoration at a traditional wedding. You want to make sure that your flowers pop against all of your other wedding decor. Take your apparel swatch cards to the florist, to determine which flowers and flower shades match up against the colors you are thinking about. This can help you settle on the right complementary flower color and wedding color. 

Test it up against the wedding party's skin tones

For the good of the photos, you want to select wedding colors that match up well with your wedding party. This can easily be done with a meeting of the entire wedding party to do preliminary planning for the wedding. You want to make sure that the dress and shirt color that you select does not wash anyone out or clash in any way with the background of the ceremony. Your wedding party will be thankful that you took into account what will look right on them, and you will be thankful when your photographers are able to get excellent photos of the entire day. 

Get a good look at the color wheel

Every wedding needs two colors. These can either be two shades that are equally displayed at the wedding, or one main color along with an accent color. Once you narrow down the shades that you want for your wedding's main color, look at the color wheel for an accent shade. Finding the accent shade that works best with your main shade can help you select the main color. You want to make sure that the accent color is also something that you find attractive, so toss out any shades that match something that may be unusable. From there, select the main contenders for your wedding shades, then make a final choice with your fiance.