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Choosing Packaging Options For Your Mail-Order Food Business

by Bruce Lawson

Mail order food subscription businesses are growing in popularity, and having a good way to package your items can help your business to stand out. If you operate one of these businesses or you are considering starting one, here are some packaging ideas you can use to get your customers excited about your products.

Custom Printing

Your boxes don't have to be plain and brown. Custom-printed boxes with your company's signature colors and branding let customers know when they've gotten something fun in their mailboxes. You can have the outside of the boxes printed, or you can add the color scheme and branding to the inside as well for a more professional look. Be sure to add your company name and logo to help spread brand awareness.

Dry Ice Coolers

If the items you ship are temperature-sensitive, dry ice coolers designed to fit inside your corrugated shipping boxes can help to ensure safe delivery of perishable items. Work with your box supplier to create coolers that are the right fit for your items, and make sure the exterior boxes include a warning to postal carriers that the items inside are perishable. 

Compartment Boxes

Whether you sell bottles of wine, hot sauce, or condiments, having compartment boxes can keep the breakable items safe during the shipping process. Have custom corrugated boxes made to fit the dimensions of your bottled products, and choose the number of compartments you'll need to meet your subscription commitments. The corrugated cardboard provides added cushion for glass bottles, and the separate compartments also create a beautiful presentation when customers open up the boxes. You can also use compartment boxes for snacks and other small items to prevent them from shifting while they are in transit.

Produce Boxes

When shipping fresh fruits and vegetables with your subscription food order business, you'll want boxes that allow air to circulate during shipping. Produce boxes feature holes for ventilation, and they can be custom-printed to let postal carriers know there is delicate produce inside the boxes. Don't forget to add your company name and logo to these boxes so your customers can be reminded of where they got their delicious fruits and vegetables from.

The right packaging is essential for your mail-order food subscription business. Use these different packaging ideas and partner with your box supplier to create the custom boxing options that make sense for your products and for your loyal customers.