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Extra Glasses: 4 Activities To Purchase Extra Glasses For

by Bruce Lawson

Using a single pair of glasses for everything you do can often put your lens and frame at risk. When that pair gets scratched, it can be a pain to order new pairs, wait for them to come in, and feel forced to use the damaged pair while you wait. One way to prevent this is by purchasing an extra pair of glasses. By shopping for affordable eyeglasses online, you can purchase a pair of glasses and have them on hand for occasions where you do not want to damage your main pair of glasses. Once you find glasses that you like, you can order multiple pairs of the same kind for these different activities.

Beach Trips

Going to the beach is great. Whether you love reading in the sand or looking out on the horizon, a good pair of glasses can go a long way in providing you with the proper visuals to see. There are a number of things that can cause damage to the glasses at the beach. This includes gritty sand, salt water, or intense heat from the sun. By having an extra pair glasses, you can ensure that your main pair stays protected and you will still have something safe to drive home in. When ordering affordable glasses online, you can often find lenses that have UV protection built right into them. This will offer great eye protection for your time at the beach.


Cooking can get really messy. If you wear glasses while you cook, you know how easy it is for specks of food and other debris to come into contact with your glasses. If you're wearing glasses while you're chopping or leaning over, then you know how often the glasses can slip or potentially fall. If this is the case, then you can simply reach for a pair of spare glasses that can be used exclusively for cooking. When shopping, you can find glasses that can withstand the heat and allow you to cook without too much worry of food and particles getting on the lenses. Keeping the glasses on will allow you to easily follow recipes and pay attention to small details while you prepare meals.

Yard Work

When a lot of yard work needs to get done, a pair of glasses can be a huge hindrance on your ability to complete tasks. Mowing the lawn, trimming branches, and raking leaves can leave you worried about scratching lenses, damaging frames, or breaking the glasses all together. If this is the case, then you can purchase a pair of glasses used exclusively for yard work. A durable frame can handle the rigors of mowing grass, pulling up weeds, and completing everyday tasks. This extra pair of glasses can even be kept in a tool box or shed for easy access every time you go out to do some lawn work.


Going on a hike is a great way to enjoy nature and experience some fresh air. Hiking also provides some spectacular visuals that can be better seen with a pair of proper glasses. Hiking does also have a lot of obstacles that can make it a challenge to wear your standard pair of glasses without worrying about damaging them. Sticks, branches, and rock climbing are just a few of the obstacles that can cause issues. By purchasing a second frame, you can hike freely. This allows you to enjoy the full hiking experience and eliminate any extra precautions that you would take with just a single pair of glasses.

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