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2 Ways To Promote Diversity In Your Workforce

by Bruce Lawson

If your workforce is not that diverse, and you want to bring in talent and perspectives from a variety of different backgrounds, there are concrete steps that your organization can take that will help promote diversity in your workplace now and in the future.

Introduce A Career Re-Entry Program

One way to promote diversity in the workforce is by bringing in individuals who have left the work force for a while for a variety of reasons or for individuals who are embarking on a second or third career. Re-entering the workforce or a new career field can be a tough challenge; you can help with this process by providing guidance to people who are ready to re-entry your field through an internship program that is directly targeted towards older individuals who are starting a second career or trying to re-enter the field and need to build experience.

You can develop a challenging internship program that will allow individuals to work on a high-level project that will test and demonstrate their skills under the guidance of a senior mentor within your workplace. This is a great way to scope out talent and to promote diversity in your field.

Expand Your Recruiting Practices

If you always go to the same organizations and conferences to recruit employees, you are going to continuously end up with the same type of employees. Your organization is going to suffer from a diversity of ideas and talent if you keep going back to the same pools.

Expand the way that your recruit employees. Reach out to different community organizations that represent people of diverse backgrounds and ask to be included in their career programs. Reach out to other schools in your area that you have ignored in the past and recruit students from these schools. Looking in different places for candidates is a solid way to find new talent that brings in different perspectives and experience to your organization.

Hire temporary and professional staffing agencies to help you find employees. They work with a wide variety of individuals, and may be able to help you pull in employees who come from diverse backgrounds and bring different talent and experience to the work pool. Staffing agencies generally work with individuals who are highly motivated to work hard and gain meaningful employment.

If you want to promote a more diverse workplace, work to support individuals who are looking to re-entry your career field with mentorship internship programs gears towards those individuals. Expand the way that you recruit and reach out to different community organizations and schools that you have not engaged with in the past to expand your search and job opportunities. Work with professional staffing agencies to reach a more diverse talent pool. Setting a plan in place where you support individuals with different backgrounds and where you recruit from different pools than you were before are two steps in the right direction for making your organization more diverse. Contact a company, like My Staff Incorporated, for more help.