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Run A Dessert Catering Business? You Need Spandex Table Clothes

by Bruce Lawson

If you run a catering business where you deliver desserts to large events like weddings or conferences, and you are always looking for a way to make life easier, you have to consider using spandex table covers for all of your table covering needs. The table covers that lay on the table and have to be held or weighted down can be a real pain, and you can stop dealing with all of that pain.  Find a distributor or manufacturer and start to enjoy the following benefits for your catering business.

No Tape or Clips

With traditional table clothes, whether they are vinyl or cloth, you can end up having to tape them to the underside of a table or use clips if you worry that the cloth could get moved and your desserts will end up on the floor. Instead, the spandex tablecloths are designed to fit around commonly-sized tables tightly, so they stay in place, and you don't have to worry. You just slide them on, stretch the corners into place, and you are done.

Wipe and Clean-up with Ease

The spandex table clothes don't move around or get large wrinkles when the tablecloth is moved, so they are easy to wipe down with a rag or sanitary wipe if needed during an event or for clean-up. You also can take the spandex tablecloth off and easily trap everything inside, then dump it out at the nearest trash, shake it out and be done with clean-up.

Reuse and Save

A lot of cheap colored table clothes that are made out of thin plastic or thin vinyl will tear easily, and cloth table clothes can get stained. The durable vinyl stretching tablecloths can be cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products, removed, packed away and used again. You don't have to worry about tiny holes being easily created or trying to get out stains with multiple washes.

You can order the different stretching table clothes in different colors, so they match the beautiful desserts that you plan to put out for all of your weddings, showers, and large events. The tablecloths are going to make it easier for you to get in and out of the venue when you are working, and they will also help you stress less that the cloth will get pulled at some point during the day. Look into the options and make this great investment.