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Thoughts For A Great Website Design

by Bruce Lawson

You've more than likely seen websites that you automatically want to click away from, and you've probably also seen sites you wanted to stay on even if the website wasn't even on the topic you were searching. There is one reason for the different attitudes you would take on these two websites: the design. A badly designed website can detour visitors even if the information they are looking for is there, and a well-laid-out website with a catchy look can get people interested in looking around. You want your website design to be easy to find, gather more interest than others, keep visitors longer, and get great click-throughs and conversion rates. Here are some important things with regards to the way your site looks.

Have a homepage that describes the site

The most important page on your website is going to be the homepage. If the homepage doesn't make someone interested right away, then it isn't going to keep them reading. The colors should work well together but not blend in too much against one another. Your name and logo should be easy to spot in a single glance. The links to other important pages need to be easy to locate and perfectly define what the links go to.

Choose the best font and font size

The font is an element you don't want to neglect. It should be well thought-out. If you have a website about children's items, then a font like 'Comic Sans' is fine. However, for a professional site, you may want to stick with more of a 'Calibri' or 'Times New Roman' font. The color of the font is also something that deserves a lot of thought. If you have ever seen a black background with white or yellow font, then you know how hard it can be to read. In fact, you may even find yourself highlighting the writing so that you even read it without a headache. It's best to stick with light backgrounds and dark fonts.

The pages should be similar

You want someone to know they are still on the same website as they click through the different sections. This means keeping everything consistent. The background, the overall layout, and the fonts should remain the same. If you completely change a page, then the reader may become confused and click away from the site, which could have just cost you a customer.