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Creating A Business Commercial: Four Must-Haves

by Bruce Lawson

A television commercial is more than just an advertisement. A commercial is also a one-of-a-kind view of your business. Undoubtedly, you want to make a positive impression, but there are some key elements that you must include. Learn what every businesses' commercials must have.

Clear Message

An effective television commercial must include a clear message. Without a message or theme, the advertisement is nothing more than thirty plus seconds of jabber. To create your message, first determine what information you want each person to walk away with. Take a seafood restaurant that wants to emphasize their fresh selections, for instance. Their commercial should spend a great deal of time talking about where the restaurant gets its seafood, how they serve it daily, and even how they prepare it to keep it fresh.

High-Quality Image

It's essential to create a commercial that offers high-quality images. Given the access to modern video technology, starring at a screen with poor images is frustrating, and in some instances, it might be motivation enough to turn the channel. Pair with a video production company to make your images pop with clarity on the screen. Remember, quality doesn't just make the commercial look better, but it can also present a more pleasant and professional perception of your business overall.

Attention Grabber

Another important element is an attention grabber. The attention span of the average adult is very short. However, during a commercial break, most people use this time to head to the bathroom or get more snacks, if you don't get their attention within the first few moments, the viewer will likely be gone forever. Using the previous example of the seafood restaurant, a high-quality video image of a food spread, or catchy jingle are both great attention-catching concepts. 

Product Placement

Make sure you include some form of product placement. If you're a goods-based company, highlight your products in the production and if you're a service-based company, show a video image of someone performing your services. Even when a viewer isn't necessarily fully tuned into the commercial, one of these images on the screen will help provide them with valuable information about your company and even why they should do business with you.

A full video production company can help you create a commercial that has these, and many other qualities to make your advertisement more professional and impressionable. Partner with a production company to help your business excel.