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What Do You Want To Shoot? Video Production Ideas For Your Gun Store

by Bruce Lawson

Guns are controversial these days, but consumers still want them. They still want to buy them, collect them, show them off, and get concealed carry permits for them, too. As a gun store owner, you are just glad to have a continuous stream of business, but you could stand to up the ante a little and sell a little more. You can do that by hiring a video production company to shoot some commercials regarding your gun store, but what do you "shoot"? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Got an Indoor Shooting Range? Shoot That

People like to try guns out before they buy. If you have an indoor shooting range for consumers to test guns, promote that like crazy. Not many gun shops have an indoor firing range, so it is a bit of a big deal. Commercials featuring your indoor range will definitely draw in more customers. 

Got a Gun Trade-in Program? Shoot That

Some gun shops will trade old guns for newer ones. A gun trade program is a great way for customers to get a new or newer gun at a discount after they trade in old or older guns. If you accept antiques and collector pieces as trade-ins, include that in a commercial about your trade-in program. 

Got an Upcoming Gun Sale or a Deal That Beats All Others? Shoot That

During deer hunting season in the Midwest or hog-hunting season in the South, there are some unbelievable deals on guns and ammo and hunting gear. If you are going to offer some really out-of-this-world deals this year, you are going to want to get as much publicity for it as you can. Shooting a commercial or two on this particular promotion/sale is worth the financial investment when you consider how many people are going to come into your store to check out the deals and end up purchasing other goods. 

Offering a "Conceal Carry" Class? Shoot That

Conceal carry classes are a hot thing right now. Even some people who have never shot a gun before are interested. Everyone wants to know where they can take this class to get their permits. If you offer such a class, definitely have the video production company shoot a commercial on this particular feature of your store. You may find that you will have to waitlist customers because of how many people call or show up to sign up for the class because they saw the commercial on TV. 

For more information, contact a video production company.