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Select The Right Office Chair For You

by Bruce Lawson

When you choose an office chair, you are picking what may be the most important office furniture you can shop for. The right office chair can not only keep you comfortable during the day but also ensure you are not at higher risk for injury and pain from sitting at your desk. These tips will help you select the best office chair for your home or business.

Choose a Chair With a Full Back

An office chair with a full back is the kind of chair you want to keep in your office, regardless of how long you work each day. When your chair offers a full back, you typically have the option to adjust your settings and allow for more comfort. When your chair is more comfortable, you are at lower risk for injury. When you injure yourself at your desk, you are less productive because you are unable to work as often as you would like.

Choose a Chair With a Contoured Seat

A contoured seat should allow for weight distribution to be comfortable and safe for sitting. When the seat is contoured just right, it will not compress your thighs and bottom, which can create discomfort and lead to injury, especially if you sit for long periods of time throughout the day.

Choose a Seat That Allows For 90-Degree Bends

When you sit in an office chair, you should be able to sit comfortably with a 90-degree bend in your knees and where your bottom meets the chair. As a result, you should sit comfortably. Not all office chairs are built equally, and you may find that your chair is not suitable for your body type.

Consider the Fabric

The material you sit on all day is going to have a specific kind of feel, and you may find that the feel of your current chair is abrasive, itchy, or simply not conducive to sitting on all day. For instance, if you sweat under your thighs the fabric may get too sticky or sweaty for you to feel entirely comfortable the rest of the day. Not to mention, the fabric can also damage your clothes or lead to an embarrassing stain.

When you sit all day, you deserve the best. With these tips, you ensure you are taking care of yourself, especially your back. Work is more relaxing when you choose office furniture that works for you.