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Three Types Of Pinky Rings To Wear

by Bruce Lawson

If you're a man who enjoys wearing jewelry, you may decide that your wedding band isn't the only ring that you want to wear. While buying rings for multiple fingers may give you a bit of a dated appearance, one option that you can consider is to wear a pinky ring — perhaps on the baby finger of your right hand so that it doesn't interfere with the wedding band on your left hand. You can wear virtually any type of ring as a pinky ring, but there are some styles that are more suitable than others. A visit to your local jewelry store, especially if it has an extensive selection of men's rings, can give you some ideas about what to wear.

Signet Ring

A signet ring is a common style of ring to wear on your pinky finger. Your local jewelry shop likely sells a variety of blank signet rings that you can have engraved in a manner that suits you. A popular choice for engraving a signet ring is to have your family's coat of arms displayed on the ring. If you're someone who has a deep connection to your family roots and you feel proud about your family name, this can be a good choice. Some people also have initials engraved on their signet rings — for example, you might get your own initials, or perhaps the initials of your father.

Diamond Ring

Another choice to consider is to wear a diamond pinky ring. There's a nearly endless selection of styles of rings to consider, whether you favor a thin, subtle look or a thick ring that has numerous small diamond set in it. This is a look that some affluent men opt for, and if you're someone who enjoys looking snazzy, a diamond pinky ring can be a good choice. This isn't necessarily a ring that you'd wear daily; some men prefer donning this type of ring for special occasions in which they get dressed up.

Class Ring

You may also want to consider wearing your high school or college class ring as a pinky ring. Even if it's several years since you graduated, wearing this ring can show a sense of pride for where you received your education. Obviously, you aren't going to be buying your class ring at a local jewelry store. However, if you've dusted off this old ring and it no longer fits correctly, your local jeweler can resize it according to your specifications. In this situation, he or she will measure your pinky finger and resize the ring to fit.

For more help, contact a jewelry buying service.