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Four Tips For Asphalt Parking Lot Striping

by Bruce Lawson

You can't consistently have an attractive and useful business if your parking lot isn't laid out how it needs to be. Asphalt line striping helps to make parking spaces for customers, reserved spaces, and other areas of the lot. The striping should be done carefully and with professional assistance.

1. Have a design and traffic idea for your business's parking lot

The most populated parking lots come with civil engineering work and planning that help to get the correct results. Designing a parking lot properly means finding out how many cars and people can fit comfortably in it. Measure out the exact square footage of the parking lot. This number will let you know how many spaces are possible and ideal. Cramming too many spaces into a parking lot can create congestion and situations where your visitors are accidentally banging and dinging each others' doors because they are so close together.

2. Run some safety studies for your parking lot striping

Safety studies will help prevent car accidents in your parking lot. Parking garages and parking lots are the sites for 50,000 crashes every year, according to the National Safety Council. Hundreds of deaths and 60,000 injuries happen as a result. Start running some safety studies so that you can do everything in your power to cut down on these incidents on your own property. Taking time to do these studies will also prevent lawsuits that can hurt your company financially. A lot of these accidents are entirely avoidable.

3. Lay down paint and striping for parking spaces and other parts of the lot

When preliminary work is out of the way, you should start installing paint and stripes. Assess whether this is preliminary striping or re-striping work. The paint that asphalt striping workers will use will be either water-based or oil-based. Parking lot companies will take out permit applications so that everything is done according to your state and local building codes. Parking lot striping is usually a $300-$700 investment for your company.

4. Tidy the lot with cleaning and care

The parking lot stripes will stay bold and visible when you tidy up the parking lot. Sweep the parking lot and seal it, and fix the cracks that happen over time. Paying $981-$3,495 is normal for parking lot repairs that you will need over the years.

Asphalt parking lot striping is a matter that every business owner should start to understand.