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How A Valve Manifold Box Could Streamline Your Use Of Gas Powered Tools

by Bruce Lawson

Do you use a lot of gas powered equipment or tools within the industrial or medical fields? Keeping enough gas on site and ensuring that each tool remains powered throughout the day during critical operations could begin to take up a lot of your workers' time as your business begins to scale and and grow. If you are looking for an easier solution for managing your gas supply, one possibility you may want to look into would be the addition of a gas valve manifold box. Here's what a valve manifold box is and how it could help you streamline your operations.

Supply Many From One

A valve manifold box is essentially where your supply of gas will come into the building or be stored once it is set up. Then, you simply route the gas from the box to all of your various different instruments and tools. You'll be able to quickly and easily see how much of a supply you have left for your tools by simply checking the manifold box. There will be no need to check the supply on multiple different tools as you might be doing right now. Just make sure the manifold box is stocked well enough to get all of your tools through the next work day and you will be good to go.

Refuel or Swap Gases Without Shutting Down Your Operation

When the manifold box does begin to run low on a certain type of gas, it can be refueled without having to shut down all of the tools connected to it. If you get the timing right, you can keep all of your tools or equipment running non stop without every having to shut anything down because you ran out of gas. A valve manifold box can also contain or manage more than one type of compatible gas at the same time. You can swap out for a different type of gas in order to get a new tool into commission without having to shut down the rest of your equipment for the duration of the maintenance.

A Valve Manifold Box Can Help with Workplace Safety

Handling any kind of gas is of course potentially dangerous. You likely train your employees well on workplace safety. With a valve manifold box, there will only be one location on your work site where the gas is held. Just keep the tools and equipment properly connected and you'll have less to worry about when compared to trying to manage the gas supply at every individual tool's location.