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3 Factors To Consider When Buying A New Air Conditioning Compressor

by Bruce Lawson

The compressor is the workhorse of your home's air conditioning system. You can find your compressor outside your home. This important component houses the evaporator coils, which play a big role in cooling your home.

If the time has come to replace your compressor with a newer model, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Let the following factors guide your shopping experience so that you can balance efficiency and cost when investing in a new compressor unit for your home's AC system.

1. SEER Value

More and more homeowners are concerned with the efficiency of their home appliances. This is true of air conditioning compressors as well. The SEER rating given to a compressor can tell you a lot about the energy efficiency of the unit.

SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating, is expressed as a number on the label of most compressors. The higher the SEER number, the more efficiently a compressor unit can operate.

That being said, don't rush out and buy a compressor with the highest SEER rating. Most homeowners can experience similar energy savings when investing in a compressor with a slightly lower SEER rating.

You will be able to keep the cost of your replacement compressor to a minimum when you opt to purchase a compressor with a mid-scale SEER rating.

2. Reliability

Buying a new compressor for your air conditioning system is a significant investment. The average cost of a new compressor ranges anywhere from $800 to $2,800. You want to be sure you are purchasing a reliable unit so that you won't have to cough up more money for another compressor in the near future.

Research any consumer reports pertaining to compressors. Visit online product forums to read about other homeowners' experiences with certain compressor models. These resources will help you identify the most reliable compressor available on the market.

3. Warranties

All air conditioning systems will experience problems at some point during their service life. You don't want the cost of repairs to break your budget after you have invested in a new compressor.

One way to avoid costly repairs is by ensuring the compressor you buy is covered by a manufacturer warranty.

This warranty should cover the cost of replacing a compressor that malfunctions as a result of manufacturing errors. The warranty should also help offset the cost of any parts that need to be replaced on the compressor within the warranty period.

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