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3 Ways A Forensic Consultant Can Help During A Criminal Case

by Bruce Lawson

Criminal cases are complex and often require lengthy litigation to resolve. Many elements come into play when presenting a criminal case in court. The most important elements in modern criminal cases are often pieces of evidence collected and examined by forensic scientists.

Understanding forensic science techniques can be challenging for someone without training in the collection and process of evidence from a crime scene. Forensic scientists working as consultants can help facilitate the transfer of information in a criminal case.

1. Testify in Court

Expert testimony is often at the heart of any criminal case. Whether a prosecutor or defender wants to present information about forensic evidence collected at the scene of a crime, a consultant can convey this information in a way that jurors will understand.

It's important for jurors to be able to understand the evidence being presented to them in order to reach a fair verdict. Forensic consultants explain complex scientific information in a clear and concise manner while testifying in court.

2. Strategize With Attorneys

Forensic evidence can play a critical role in determining how a prosecutor or defender will present their case in court. A forensic consultant can be brought in to strategize with attorneys as a case in being prepared for trial.

These consultants work closely with attorneys to determine how forensic evidence from a crime scene fits into a client's alibi or the state's version of events. Without the help of an experienced forensic consultant, it could be challenging for an attorney to create a successful trial strategy in any criminal case.

3. Identify Errors

Forensic consultants are often brought in to review the processing of evidence in a state or private crime lab. The consultant will visit the lab where evidence was handled to determine how the scientists working in that lab reached the conclusions they are presenting in court.

Since the consultant has extensive experience working as a forensic scientist, it's easy for a consultant to identify errors in the handling or processing of evidence. These errors could affect a person's ability to receive a fair trial, so consultants play an essential role in the justice process.

The facts and evidence surrounding a criminal case can be complex. Modern science has opened the door for forensic evidence to serve as the primary source of information in many criminal cases.

A forensic crime scene consulting company will be able to evaluate, explain, and even dispute forensic evidence when working on a criminal case.