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3 Things to Know About Aerating Your Lawn

by Bruce Lawson

There are lots of ways to take care of your lawn, such as mowing and watering it regularly, as well as keeping it well fertilized. One lawn care step that many people miss is aerating their yard. Lawn aeration should take place once or twice a year. If it's time to aerate your lawn, these are three things to know before you begin. 

Thing #1: Helps to Improve the Health of Your Lawn

Lawn aeration provides a host of benefits that can work together to improve the overall health of your yard. It can open up the root zone, which allows air and water to more freely get to the grass roots, which will help the grass thrive. Thatch, which is the layers of dead grass that build up on your lawn, can deprive your yard of moisture and nutrients over time. Breaking this up will help improve the health of your yard.

Thing #2: You Can Rent Three Types of Aerators 

You don't have to own a lawn aerator; you can rent one. When renting one, you can rent three different styles: a pull-behind, gas-powered, or electric aerator.

A pull-behind model is great if you have a riding lawn mower, as it can be hitched to your riding lawn mower to use it. A pull-behind model is great if you have a larger lawn. If you rent a pull-behind model, you want one with a height setting for aeration as well as for transportation.

A gas-powered aerator model is a good option if you don't have a riding lawn mower for a pull-behind model. A gas-powered machine looks like a push mower, but it takes more strength to control when it penetrates the ground.

An electric aerator runs may require a power cable, or it may run on a battery. They are usually used for smaller areas or yards that only need light aeration because they have been regularly aerated.

Thing #3: Fertilize and Seed After Aeration

After your aerator in your yard, it is crucial to take advantage of the open space around your grass. About a week or two after you aerate your yard, follow up by either fertilizing your yard or adding more seed to your yard, whatever is appropriate for your yard. Your yard will be more open to growing new grass after it has gone through the aeration process, so use this opportunity to improve the appearance of your yard.

When it comes to taking care of your yard, one of the most overlooked processes is aeration. Aerating your lawn helps improve your yard's overall health, reduces thatch build-up, and relieves soil compaction. You can get a lawn aerator rental from a tool rental shop, a home improvement center, or a garden and nursery center. After you use the lawn aerator, follow up with fertilizing and seeding your yard.