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Problems To Stay Cognizant Of With Centrifuge Machines

by Bruce Lawson

Industrial centrifuge machines are large and produce a lot of force when activated. That means certain problems are more likely to happen over time. Here are several that you need to remain aware of as to put together the right repair solutions. 

Unbalanced Bowl

The purpose of an industrial centrifuge machine is to generate significant force. That's a lot of movement that needs to be executed in a refined way. If the bowl of your centrifuge machine becomes unbalanced, then this optimal movement is going to be thrown off. Then your centrifuge machine can experience more wear and repeated breakdowns than what should occur.

If you see that your centrifuge's bowl has become unbalanced, stop using this system and contact a repair contractor. They can use innovative balance equipment and realistic simulations with water to see what adjustments or repairs are necessary to get the bowl properly balanced again.

Damaged Bowl Assembly

If a bowl remains unbalanced for a long time, then it probably already received some type of damage. Even though you may have been late with your response, you still want to do something about a damaged bowl before your industrial centrifuge machine experiences even more profound issues. 

You'll need to have a professional repair company take this bowl assembly to their repair shop. This way, it can go through in-depth inspections and testing to determine what repairs can provide an effective part restoration. Most repair companies offer bowl assembly rentals too, helping you keep your centrifuge machine running as to reduce costs from downtime. 

Bowl Corrosion

One of the last major problems that can happen to the bowl component of your industrial centrifuge machine is corrosion. This can occur for a couple of reasons, such as improper maintenance and the wrong cleaning chemicals being used repeatedly. 

The best way to deal with bowl corrosion is to hire a professional centrifuge repair company. They need to come out fast in order to keep the corrosion from spreading and leading to total part failure. With their help, they can treat the rust using effective solutions and show you how to prevent future corrosion moving forward.

Since industrial centrifuge machines are put through a lot of force when running, it's not abnormal for some of their parts to experience problems. You just need to know what type of issues can happen with this system and respond as soon as there are concerns. Contact a centrifuge repair service to learn more.