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3 Qualities Small Businesses Need In A Packaging Supplier

by Bruce Lawson

Packaging is something that consumers often don't spend much time thinking about, but business owners know that it's a critical part of the supply chain. Packaging allows you to get your goods safely from your warehouse, store, or home to your buyers. Good packaging helps you avoid shipping losses while maintaining the professionalism your customers expect.

Getting the best packaging for your products means working with a reliable wholesaler. While packaging requirements vary substantially between industries, it's essential to look for these three qualities in a packaging supplier for any small business.

1. Full Range of Products

It's often more convenient and affordable to buy everything you need from a single buyer. You're probably thinking about boxes or bags when you think of packaging, but it also includes related items such as tape, packing material, and even labeling supplies. Running out of these items will stop you from shipping your goods just as quickly as running out of containers.

Working with a supplier that provides a full range of products ensures that you can order everything you need all at once. These single orders are more convenient and allow you to resupply more quickly and predictably. By ordering all of your packaging supplies from a single vendor, you can simplify your accounting and ordering process.

2. Selection and Scale

You need to work with a supplier that can provide for your current packaging needs, but what about the future? While nobody can predict the exact trajectory of their business's growth, you probably have a reasonable idea of how your sales may scale into the future. Sticking with the same packaging supplier as you grow means that you won't need to waste time developing a new business relationship.

The best way to achieve this goal is to start with a supplier that meets your current needs and has a range of products to support you as your business expands. You may want to ask your vendor some questions, such as how quickly can they ship larger orders? What sort of bulk discounts do they offer? Their answers can help you understand if they can continue to meet your needs as your business scales.

3. Personalized Service

Your business may be small, but that doesn't mean that you don't deserve personal service. Work with a supplier that provides solid, reliable, and available customer service no matter the size of the order you're placing. This service may be critical if you need to change an order, quickly ship more supplies, or report a problem with the packaging you've received.

Good customer service also makes it easier to build a strong business-to-business relationship with your wholesale supplier. This relationship can help you find the precise packaging you need, no matter how your requirements change as your business expands.

For more information, contact a wholesale packaging supplier near you.