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Why You Should Get Your Employees From A Temporary Staffing Agency

by Bruce Lawson

If you have a need to hire a new employee for your company but don't know where to look, using a temporary staffing agency can be a great place to start. You can have great responses when you go this route and reach out to a wider hiring base that you might not get if you were to try to hire new employees on your own.

Here are just some of the reasons to use a temporary staffing solutions company to fill your employee roles. You always have the option to hire a person for a full or part-time status with your company after hiring them through a temporary staffing agency, so keep this in mind as you outsource your hiring needs.

You don't have to hire employees yourself

The process of screening and interviewing potential employees can take its toll, especially if you have several positions open and have a business to run while interviewing. Outsource the hiring process to a temporary staffing agency to get the employees you need without having to pause your many obligations to fill staff roles.

A temporary staffing agency will have interested parties fill out an application, consent to background and drug tests, and will do the job background skills tests for you. Potential hires that pass the tests from the staffing agency will be forwarded to you for final hire. This takes away a lot of the work and time it takes to hire an employee and can speed up the process for you.

You get a wider array of potential hires

A temporary staffing agency keeps a file of several applicants so if a job pops up that a person would be eligible for, they can contact that person and see if they still need work. They also have all applicants fill out a detailed application that covers various areas so it's easier to see if a person would be a fit for your company. While you can have a personal advertisement for hiring listed with a temporary staffing solutions company so people can apply with your company specifically in mind, your company can also be referred to applicants who just have a general application on file.

This helps you gain the attention of more potential hires. The more exposure your company has, the more likely you can be to land temporary employees you can consider putting on for full-time in the future, if necessary. For more information, contact a company like Top Notch Staffing.