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  • Reluctant To Give Away Those Smaller Clothes? What Are Your Long-Term Storage Options?

    13 June 2016

    Whether you've recently gained weight due to a medical condition or medication or have discovered you're pregnant, you may be facing months or even years before you can fit into most of your smaller-sized clothes again. If you're hopeful that you'll be able to regain your form or size, you may be reluctant to sell or give away your clothes -- on the other hand, you may need to free up room for your new larger wardrobe.

  • Using Tarps In Modern Earth Home Construction

    11 November 2014

    There are many advantages to earth homes, including the fact that they are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and highly customizable. Most techniques rely on soil found at the construction site, supplemented with purchased sand, clay, or straw, and require very few tools. With a few buckets, a solid tamping bar, a level and plenty of personal labor you can construct a small cottage during a single summer. Of course, you can purchase other equipment to make your work easier.

  • Want To Learn American Sign Language? 5 Steps To Get You Started

    16 October 2014

    Because there are approximately 70 million deaf people who use sign language as their primary or native language, being fluent in the language has numerous benefits including: being able to communicate with a deaf friend or family member offering interpreting or translation services communicating with some types of animals using the language in your profession (e.g., scuba divers, firefighters, police officers) making yourself more attractive to a job you are applying for Whatever your reason is for desiring to learn the language, follow these 5 steps to become a fluent ASL signer.

  • Renting Storage Space For Your Business? 2 Tips That Can Save You A World Of Hassle

    25 September 2014

    When companies snag truckloads of stock for great prices or hang onto older, but still-functional equipment, they often find themselves without anywhere to store it. Fortunately, self-storage facilities offer affordable, easily accessible space, which is probably why business inventory accounts for about 30% of all storage occupancy. If you are thinking about renting a storage unit for your company, follow these two tips to avoid unnecessary frustration.     1: List the Business Name in the Contract

  • What To Do With That Stuff That Didn't Move At Your Yard Sale

    15 September 2014

    So you've held a yard sale a couple of times now and you can't seem to get all of your old stuff to move. You might be wondering whatever happened to the saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure! While the saying may be true, you might have to find the treasure seekers somewhere other than in your front yard during sale time. Here are a few other ways to get rid of your unwanted stuff once and for all:

  • 5 Tips For College Students Planning To Move Home

    11 September 2014

    Exam time is over in your final year at college and it's time to face the big, bad world! This can be both an exciting and a stressful time for many students, particularly if you're moving between states to take up your new job. As such, you'll want to make the transition as smooth as possible, without any hiccups and with the least amount of pressure possible. As a student for the past few years, it's possible you're not the most organized when it comes to logistics, so consider the points below when moving apartment.

  • Busting The 2 Most Common Plumbing Problems Before Your Wallet Goes Bust

    9 September 2014

    Plumbing problems are often a huge nuisance for any homeowner. However, many of those nuisances can end up leading to a wide range of costly problems that may cause your blood pressure to rise a few notches. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can bust two of the most common plumbing problems before you bust a blood vessel or your wallet goes bust – whichever comes first. Addressing the Water Heater